We will make every attempt to quote fees before beginning treatment. If the occasion arises that we neglect this, please feel comfortable in asking. We do expect that payments be made in full at the time of service. We accept cash, checks, credit cards and also offer Care Credit, a long-term financing alternative.

We will be happy to submit insurance claims for your treatment, however, we need your help to make the process more efficient. We recommend that you bring both an insurance form and a benefits booklet to determine the approximate amount that the insurance company will cover. Unfortunately, dental insurance rarely, if ever, covers 100% of treatment costs. Therefore, a co-payment is very often required at the time of the visit. Almost every dental insurance carrier limits coverage as follows:

  • Deductible - An initial amount of money that you have to pay before benefits will be considered, usually applied annually.
  • Annual Maximum - You are usually allotted a specific amount of benefit money per year to apply toward your dental expenses. If and when the annual benefit money has been exhausted the plan will not pay again until the next year (usually the next calendar, not fiscal year).
  • % Coverage - The insurer will usually show in your benefits booklet a schedule of coverage by percentage. For example, they may cover preventative services at 100%, basic restorative services at 80%, and major services at 50%.
  • Co-Payment - Any fee not paid for by the insurance carrier is the patient's responsibility. We will try to estimate the "co-payment" as accurately as we can. We're sure that you will agree that it would be unfair to expect us to wait two months or more for the insurance company to remit their payment before requesting or receiving a payment from you. Therefore, co-payments are due at the time of service. Thank you for your cooperation.

We accept most Dental PPO insurance plans.


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